Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Character Idea Doodles

Here's a couple of character doodles I've been mindlessly scribbling away at. These are the first drawings I did of San-San in October 2011- currently I'm drawing him with a shorter nose and a rounder face. He will be bipedal, your average 'funny animal' character. I'd say he's like Kirk-meets-Timon. San-San shows a calm, determined, always-in-control demeanour whenever he can, he is arrogant yet charmingly so, and he sure thinks he knows everything about anything. However without an audience he tends to lose it; he'll become completely insecure and behave irrationally.

A Short Backstory: San-San is living a life of relative luxury whilst training at the space centre for his mission. He goes home to a foster family at night where he is kept as a pet, watching hour upon hour of 'quality space adventure education lessons' (star trek) and eating his weight in cheese tortilla chips. It didn't take long for him to assume he must be training to pilot his own mission toward galaxies unknown, and he trains hard (and watches as much sci-fi as he can).

What is this insanity??

Welcome, welcome! Here I will be posting any and all ideas, sketches, doodles and writings I create with regard to an animation I've had in my head for some time. It follows the adventures of San-San (working name), a Spotted Linsang, who has been sent on a 'mission' to explore the outer rim of the solar system with the belief he is actually a legendary space captain. He is blissfully unaware of his true nature; he's just another lab rat, send out to measure how long he can last.

I'm still working on the story (story is an area where I get a lot of ideas but little follow through or substance, so I'm working hard, k ;_;), plus I don't want to spoil it just yet so I won't post any more!